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Exam Description:

WBJEE 2017 exam will be organized by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board for admission in various Engineering Colleges in the State of West Bengal. The entrance exam of WBJEE 2017 will be held in Offline mode. The exam will be organized in TWO sittings for Medical and Non Medical Subjects as per the following schedule. Schedule of Exam:

  • Biological Sciences: May 2017 (Week 3)
  • Maths: May 2017 (Week 3)
  • Physics: May 2017 (Week 3)
  • Chemistry: May 2017 (Week 3)

Date of Examination 26 May 2019
Time of Examination 9:00 AM
Examination Fees Rs.500/-
Domicile Eligibility:

Candidates must be an Indian citizen.
Candidates not domiciled in West Bengal are not eligible for admission in medical/dental courses.
Candidates without domicile can only register for engineering courses.
Age Limit:

Applicants should be minimum 17 years of age as on 31st December of the year of admission.
There is no upper age limit.
Starting date of registration 26 December 2019
Last date of registration 28 September 2019
Syllabus West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Mathematics Syllabus 1. Algebra 2. Logarithms 3. Complex Numbers 4. Quadratic Equations 5. Permutation and combination 6. Principle of Mathematical Induction 7. Matrices 8. Sets, Relations and Mappings 9. Probability 10. Straight line 11. Circle 12. Conics 13. Parabola 14. Ellipse and Hyperbola 15. Differential calculus 16. Integral calculus 17. Differential Equations 18. Application of Calculus West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Physics Syllabus 1. Mechanics & General Properties of Matter 2. Units and dimensions 3. Scalars and vectors 4. Kinematics 5. Dynamics 6. Work, Power and Energy 7. Rotational motion 8. Gravitation 9. Hydrostatics and fluid mechanics 10. Vibrations 11. Wave motion 12. Thermal Physics 13. Thermodynamics 14. Optics 15. Electrostatics 16. Current Electricity 17. Electromagnatism 18. Electromagnetic induction 19. Modern Physics West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Chemistry Syllabus 1. Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic 2. Atomic Structure 3. The Periodic Table and Chemical Families 4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5. Solubility and Solubility Products 6. Chemistry of Carbon Compounds 7. Principles of qualitative analysis Detection of water soluble noninterfaring Acid and Basic Radicals by dry and wet tests from among : • Acid Radicals : Cl-, S2-, SO4-, NO3, CO32- • Basic Radicals : Cu2+, Al3+, Fe3+, Fe22+, Zn2+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, NH42+ West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Biological Science Syllabus 1. Unit of Life : Definition of life, Cell as the basic unit of life. Cell theory, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell structure and differences. 2. Ultrastructure and functions of cellular components 3. Microscopy 4. Biomolecules 5. Carbohydrates 6. Proteins 7. Nucleic acids 8. Enzymes 9. Chromosomes and Cell Division 10. Nucleic acid as genetic material 11. Brief idea of Polytene chromosomes 12. Genetics 13. Mutation 14. Human evolution 15. Taxonomy and Classification 16. Concept of Biodiversity 17. Population Biology 18. Ecosystem 19. Functions of life 20. Photosynthesis 21. Respiratory System 22. Cardiovascular system & Blood 23. Cardiac cycle 24. Cardiac output 25. Blood pressure 26. Blood 27. Nutrition and Digestive system
Mode of application
The WBJEE 2017 Application Form will be available via online process through the official website of WBJEE.
The application form will be released from the first week of January, 2017 and available till the last week of February, 2017.
Any correction in the application form will be done in the second week of March, 2017.
Candidates are required to upload the scanned copies of necessary documents.
Candidates should keep the printouts of the confirmation page for further use.

Paper                         Exam Time                                                                 Last Entry Time

Paper 1 (Mathematics) 11.00 am to 01.00 pm 10.30 am
Paper 2 (Physics & Chemistry) 02.00 pm to 04.00 pm 01.30 pm
West Bengal [WBJEE Exams] scores West Bengal [WBJEE Exams]
List of institutes accepting
Academy of Technology Arybhatta Institute of Enginneering Asansol Engineering College B P Poddar Institute of Management Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering BengalCollege of Engineering Bengal Engineering and Science University Bengal Institute of Technology Bengal Institute of Technology BengalSchool of Technology Birbhum Institute of Engineering Calcutta Inst. of Pharma Tech Calcutta Institute of Engineering Calcutta Institute of Technology College of Engineering DR B C Roy Engg College Dumkal Inst of Engg Durgapur Inst of Adv Tech Future Inst of Engineering GovtCollege of Engg GovtCollege of Engg GovtCollege of Engineering Govt Collge of Engg GuptaCollege of Technological Science Gurunanak Inst of Pharma Sci Gurunanak Inst of Tech H C Garg Inst of Science Haldia Inst of Tech Heritage Inst of Tech HooglyEngg IMPSCollege of Engg Inst of Tech Inst of Engg Instituteof Jute Tech Instituteof Pharmacy JadavpurUniversity JalpaiguriGovt Engg College JISCollege of Engg KalyaniGovt Engg College KalyaniUniversity Science Instrumentatn Centre Mallabhum Institute of Technology MCKV Inst of Engineering Meghnad Saha Inst of Tech MurshidabadCollege of Engg Narula Inst of Technology National Power Training Inst Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Inst of Pharmacy Netaji Subhas Engg College RCC Inst of Information Technology Saroj Mohan Inst of Technology Siliguri Inst of Technology ST. Thomas Techno India TechnoIndia College of Technology University Inst of Technology, Burdwan WestBengal University of Technology BCDACollege of Pharmacy Bharat Technology Dream Institute of Technology Institute of Science Seacom Engineering

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