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Delhi pollution gets worse! School assembly shifts indoors, masks now mandatory for students

with the air quality getting worse during Diwali, several schools have started taking precautionary measures for its students.

The students have been asked to wear masks during outdoor activities. Along with this, the schools have also shifted their morning assembly indoors in order to deal with pollution as much as they can.

Gooseberries distribution to minimize the pollution effects

The schools have been distributing gooseberries to students to minimize the effects of air pollution on the lungs.

Here's what the vice principal of Suraj School in Gurgaon said:

"We are advising students to regularly eat the fruit and have also been distributing it in school," said Kanika Ghai.

High-quality filters in classrooms

"Our central HVAC system has high-quality filters because of which all our classrooms receive treated fresh air throughout the working hours and a professional team is monitoring this," said Deepa Kumar, the principal of Heritage Xpereincial Learning School (HXLS), Gurugram.