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CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper ‘toughest ever’, say students, start online petititions for lenient marking

CBSE Class 12 students are in a frenzy after appearing for the Physics examination as they feel the paper was ‘one of toughest ever’. Some students have even taken to websites like change.org to put up petitions requesting the board to take a lenient approach in marking the paper.

The CBSE Class 12 board exams began on February 15 and the Physics exam was held on March 5.

Mr Kumar, who runs Kumar Physics Classes in Delhi said, “This time’s Physics paper was totally conceptual-based. 40% of the questions were similar to those in II-JEE exam, where you can’t just apply formulas and solve it.”

Teachers also said that earlier students who hadn’t studied through the year could memorise derivatives, definitions and formulas to score passing marks. “But this year’s Physics exam was like a practice exam for those preparing for competitive exams like IIT-JEE,” said Mr Kumar.Mohit Sheopuri, a student who appeared for the exam in Chandigarh said: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the physics paper 8 on lengthiness. There was no time left to revise the paper.”

“The questions in the paper were very uncommon. They were neither discussed in school, nor given in NCERT. The person setting the paper should have kept in mind that he wasn’t setting the paper for the highly intelligent students,” Mohit added.

Kanishka Chauhan: “Section A and B was easy. But Sections C and D were very tricky. And the paper was extremely lengthy.”

Divisht Mehra, a student of Beersheba Senior Secondary School in Haldwani said, “The pattern of the paper was quite different from the last year. The number of derivatives was less, and numericals and logical part was more.”

Online petitions

A day after the Physics exam was conducted, a number of students have taken to social media urging CBSE for lenient marking. Some have even started online petitions.

“This years physics paper was much much harder than any other years. It is quite unfair, as anyone who studied just the NCERT would not score good marks at all,” read a petition on change.org by Risith Waddepalli.

A petition on the petitionsite.com has already been signed by over 8,500 reports.

Here is what some of the students and teachers had to say on Twitter about the Physics exam: