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National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Test [NIFT] 2017

Exam Description:
The NIFT is a national level entrance examination which is organized by the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai in the major cities of the country. This exam is a perfect gateway to get admission in different UG and PG professional programmes in fashion technology & design field. For admissions in NIFT courses, firstly candidates have to clear the written entrance exam and after that candidates have to go through the situation test/ group discussion/ personal interview rounds. Here in this article, we are providing the latest information regarding NIFT 2017 including courses offered, application form, important dates, etc.

Undergraduate Courses: B.Des./ B.F.Tech 

Postgraduate Courses: M.F.M/ M.F.Tech./ M.Des

Online registration last date (with late fee) :- Second week of January 2017
Last date to submit the application form (with late fee) :- third week of January, 2017

Date of Examination 22 January 2019
Time of Examination 9:00 AM
Examination Fees Rs.Genarel - 1500 sc/st - 750
The maximum age should be 23 years as on 1st October, 2016 for general candidates.
5 years relaxation will be given on maximum age limit for SC, ST or Differently Abled Person (PHP) candidates.
Candidates must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent exam from any recognized central/state board.
Candidates who have cleared 3-4 year diploma recognized by AICTE or State Board of Technical Education are also eligible to apply.
Appearing candidates are also eligible to apply.
Starting date of registration 22 October 2018
Last date of registration 28 December 2018
Syllabus Mathematics: Complex Numbers Sequences and Series Quadratic Equations Binomial Theorem Exponential - Logarithimc Series Family of Lines Cartesian System Vectors Permutations and Combinations Trignometric Ratios Trignometrical Equations Inverse trigonometrical functions Partial Fractions Hyperbolic Functions Function, LImits , Continuity and Differentiability Determinants and Matrices Coordinate Geometry - Cricle Coordinate Geometry - Conic Section Indefinite Integrals Definite Integrals Differential Equations Three Dimensional Geometry Probability Statistics Linear Programming Progressions Test on Probability 1 Test on probability Dyanamics Questions Test on Definite Integral Short Test on Sets Physics: One Dimensional Motion Two Dimensional Motion Elasticity Units and Measurement Friction Wave Optics Heat and Thermodynamics Laws of Motions Work, Enegry and Power Gravitation Fluid Mechanics Kinetic Theory of Gases Surface Tension Waves and Sound Ray Optics Magnetics Electromagnetic Induction Alternating Current and EMI Electrostatics Current Electricity Atom and Radioactivity Thermometry and Thermal Expansion Transmission of Heat Magnetic Effect of Current Heating and Chemical Effect of Current Atomic and Nuclear Physics Simple Pendulum Questions Paper Spring Pendulum Questions Elasticity Questions Vector - Multiplication of Vectors Question Heat and Thermodynamics General Questions Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity Questions Vectors Questions Rotational Mechanics Questions Kinematics Questions Graphical Question Chemistry: Atomic Structure Chemical Bonds Chemical Arithmetic Polymers Biomolecules Nuclear Chemistry Solution Solid State and Colligative Properties Chemical Equilibrium Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics Electrochemistry Ionic Equilibrium Redox Reaction Surface Chemistry Metallurgical Operations Chemical Periodicity Coordination Compounds Analytical Chemistry S and P block Hydrogen and Its Compounds D and F block Hydrocarbons Halogen derivatives Compounds Containing Nitrogen Purification, Classification and Nonemeclature of Organic Compound General Organic Chemistry Chemistry in Action Carboxylic Acid Aldehyde and Ketone Alcohol Phenol and Ether Zoology: Growth, Ageing and Regeneration Biodiversity Biology and Human Welfare Evolution Endocrine Coordination Circulation in Animals Gene Expression Genes and Chromosomes Genetics Material Heredity and Variation Human Genetics Nervous Coordinations and Integration Respiration of Animals Animal Tissues Reproduction and Development in Animals Digestive Organs of Human Nutrition and Nutritional Requirement Physiology of Digestion Cell Structure and Functions Cell Division General Phylum Annelida Phylum Arthopoda I Phylum Arthopoda II Phylum Aschelminthes Phylum Chordata I Phylum Chordata II Phylum Cnidaria Phylum Echinodermata Phylum Mollusca Phylum Platyhelminthes Phylum Porifera Organism and the Environment Growth of Human Population Domestication and Improvement of Animals and economic Zoology Endocrinology Movement And locomotion in Animals Excretion and Osmoregulation in Animals Botany: PhotoSynthesis Plant Nutrition Plant Water Relation Reproduction and Flowering Plants Internal structure of root, stem and leaf Secondary Growth The tissue system Tissue Role of Plants in Human Welfare Ecosystem Morphology of Angiosperms Plant Growth and MovementsPollution Systematics and Biological Classifications Fungi Bacteria Algae Bryophytes Pteridophytes Gymnosperms
Mode of application
Candidates will get the NIFT 2017 Application Form via online process through the official website of NIFT.
There is not any other mode is available to fill and submit the application form.
The application fee will be Rs.1500/- for General/OBC (Non-Creamy) Category and Rs.750/- for SC/ ST/ PHP candidates.
The fee payment will be done through online payment gateway or demand draft (DD) of any bank.


National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Test [NIFT] 2017 scores National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Test [NIFT] 2017
List of institutes accepting
International Institute Of Fashion Technology National Institute of Fashion Technology National Institute of Fashion Technology National Institute of Fashion Technology National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT) The National Institute of Fashion Technology

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